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Setting the Tone: Pay It Forward

Posted by supermom on March 18, 2008

I’ve seen this on other blogs and decided that I wanted to do this to set the tone for this blog.    Different blogs have worded it differently, but the main idea can be paraphrased in this way:

To the first three people who comment on this post, I will send a small handmade gift.  It may not be tomorrow or the next day or even next week, but within the next 365 days, I promise to make and mail a gift to each of those three commenters. 

So please take a moment to comment and allow me to Pay It Forward.


3 Responses to “Setting the Tone: Pay It Forward”

  1. Katherine said

    Hi Susan!
    I just reposted my Pay It Forward post on my blog. Come on back and sign up if you want to join and to receive a handmade gift from me…

  2. This is really cool.. I tried this once on my blog.. and it never happened.. 😦 I never heard from the gals.. oh well.. I hope yours works!!! It’s such a cool Idea!!

    I love your teapot plant!!! LOVE IT!!!

  3. Line said

    I loved the teapot plant too. The tips came in handy since I just bought a teapot on a fleamarket a couple of days ago and felt bad about it because I already have one (heck, I have 5) and my husband complains that I get too much stuff. But now I can pretend I got it for a purpose 😀

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