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Thrift store find

Posted by supermom on May 17, 2008

Last week we made our annual trip up to Canada to spend a couple of days visiting our girls before coming back across the border to renew our Visas.   Since both girls had to work Friday, Dave and I and our son spent that day doing things around our oldest daughter’s new apartment to help it feel more homey.

At the beginning of April she moved from the furnished basement apartment that she’d lived in while attending university to an unfurnished one bedroom apartment.   She loves living above ground and having her own kitchen and bathroom (she shared a kitchen and bath at her old place.)  But now she needs to furnish her new place.

So early Friday morning we set off to check out the local thrift stores and at the very first one we hit the jackpot.   We got this little beauty for $59 plus tax.

The table with removable leaf and matching chairs are solid wood and will sit six comfortably with the leaf inserted.  The table top had a couple of small scratches but nothing that can’t be disguised with a furniture repair stick.   And while the upholstery on the chair seats is quite worn, those will be simple to recover once she decides what fabric she wants to use.   The set was missing the fourth chair but for right now she’s using two at the table and the third as her computer chair.  In future she can look for three more chairs to add to the set to give it that eclectic collected furniture look.

It was so much fun to surprize her with her “new” table and chairs plus other surprizes (more to come on that later) when she got home from work Friday evening.


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  1. Thank you for leaving a comment at my site! : ) It’s so nice for you to work on your daughter’s apartment. I know that she appreciates it very much.


  2. Katherine said

    What a great find! It’s gorgeous and I bet your daughter was thrilled.

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