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How to Save Money When Buying Meat

Posted by supermom on May 30, 2008

Food Lion has London Broil on sale this week for $1.88 per pound* so I thought I’d share with all of you how we save money on a variety of different cuts of meat by cutting and wrapping our own.

The last time London Broil was on sale we bought nine roasts over the course of three shopping trips.  The roasts from the first two trips were cut up as follows:

Some were divided into steaks.

Dividing a roast into steaks

Some was sliced into stew meat. 

First the meat was cut into strips approximately 1 inch thick (as pictured below)

Slicing strips for stew meat

Then the strips were cut into cubes.

Cutting stew meat into cubes

These were then weighed, wrapped in freezer paper and labeled.

Wrap meat in freezer paper

The rest was sliced thinly for stir fry.

Second picture of stir fry strips

Slicing meat into strips for stir fry

On the third trip, I asked the butcher if he would be willing to grind the roasts for me.  He kindly agreed and packaged it into two family size containers.  There was no charge for this.

Ground london broil

When I got home, all I had to do was weigh out 1.5 lbs per package and wrap and label it.

Wrapped ground beef

From that last sale we ended up with 4 packages of  stewing meat, 8 packages of stir fry and 4 package of steaks and with a little help from the Food Lion butcher; 6 packages of very lean ground beef, plus 6 hamburger patties for that night’s meal.

For comparison, I checked the prices to buy these pre-cut and packaged from the meat department.  Stewing beef and stir fry beef were priced at $3.49/lb.  Ground beef was priced $2.99/lb and upwards, none of which was as lean as the ground london broil.  And as far as the steaks go, depending on cut; $5.49/lb and up.  London broil when it’s not on sale goes for $7.99/lb.

The following week, when sirloin roasts were on sale, we bought three of those and sliced them into steaks and smaller roasts.   This can easily be done with various cuts of pork as well.

To get started you’ll need are a good sharp knife, a cutting board, a scale, freezer paper, tape and a marker.

By shopping the sales and doing your own cutting and wrapping you’ll be able to save anywhere between 40% to 50% (or more) on meat. 



13 Responses to “How to Save Money When Buying Meat”

  1. FishMama said

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Donielle said

    I never thought to ask them to grind up a roast! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Lori said

    Wow! Thats so great! Thanks for the information – love the pictures, too. So helpful in understanding the process. Now I’ll be on the lookout for sales on roasts. Thanks!


  4. JC said

    What a wonderful tip. Thanks for the idea. Loved the photos and I’m trying to figure out why I stopped using freezer paper; thanks for the reminder.

  5. I think I need to lean the cuts of my meat. I never realized that. Last good deal I got on meat was at sam’s club. A case of hamburger was for $1.89 a lb. It was an 80lb case.

  6. Suzanne said

    This is a good tip! London Broil is on sale here,too, so I think I’m going to see if they’ll grind it up for me. Thanks for this!

  7. I love to use freezer paper, but I can’t ever get my tape to stay and keep my packages closed. What kind of tape do you use?


  8. sarah mae said

    I have learned to buy meat ONLY when it is on sale. Just this past week I got boneless, skinless chicken breast for 1.59 lb.! I also don’t buy ground beef unless it’s $1.89 or less.

    I never used to worry about this stuff, but now that I’m on a limited budget, I’ve really learned how to be frugal!

  9. Niki said

    Good tip!

    I’ve done this with pork loin, but never beef.


  10. jamez2789 said

    thx for the tips.

    i’ve tried it…:D

  11. supermom said

    How wonderful to log in and read everyone’s responses. Thank you all for taking the time to comment.

    And Tracy (Lines from the Vine), we just use regular clear packing tape on our packages.

  12. Thanks for the comment over at my site. I’ve been trying to use masking tape- perhaps the packing tape will work better.

    As for onion ring breading, we use any crumbs we have saved from previous baking. For the rings pictured on my site, we used leftover cornbread- it was YUMMY! : )


  13. amanda said

    great ideas!

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