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How to Make Homemade Eggrolls

Posted by supermom on November 7, 2008

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How to Make Homemade Eggrolls




5 Responses to “How to Make Homemade Eggrolls”

  1. simplejill said

    Oh my! Those look delicious! I think I need to make some this weekend. 🙂

  2. I have everything for these except the oyster sauce and the wrappers. I still have some zucchini left in my fridge from my garden. I just need a recipe for homemade egg roll wrappers, which I was so hoping you had when I saw your post.

    As far as sprouts go, it is even less expensive to keep sprouting seeds (bought in bulk) to sprout. I don’t know if this call for mung beans spouts of alfalfa spouts, but I have bought seeds for both in bulk at Walton Feed ( You’ll have to plan ahead of time with the spouts by a few days, but you could easily grow them at home.

  3. Kris said

    I want to try this…looks good:)

  4. Thank you for posting this. It’s funny because I wanted to find a recipe for homemade eggrolls to go with my new goal of making from scratch instead of buying…and now I have a recipe. Looks yummy!

  5. Kris said

    This was what I was looking for! I posted under “Kris” that I was planning to try it. The internet world is SOOOOO SMALL. Thanks for letting me know where you had this! I cannot believe it:)

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