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Bean Soup in a Jar Mix

Posted by supermom on November 21, 2008

Looking for a quick, inexpensive Christmas gift?  The ingredients may already be in your pantry or if not, can be picked up on your next trip to the grocery store.  Here’s my recipe for Bean Soup Mix. 

You’ll need equal measures of each of the following (prices are for 1 lb bags):

Pinto Beans  (74 cents)

Dark Red Kidney Beans ($1.18)

Small Lima Beans ($1.00)

Great Northern Beans (98 cents)

Black Beans ($1.14)

Garbanzo Beans ($1.18)

Dump all the beans into a big bowl.  Mix thoroughly and measure into jars.  The above yields approximately 3 ½ quarts of bean soup mix.  That puts the cost at about $1.78 per quart.  If you’ve got a bulk food store nearby, the price would be cheaper still.

For the Bean Soup mixes pictured below I used canning jars that I’ve saved but you could use any clean glass container.   To add a bit of holiday flare, I topped the lids with a simple cross-stitched Christmas wish.   A circle of pretty fabric tied with a bit of ribbon or some raffia would also work well.



As you can see, I labeled the jars with the ingredients so that the person receiving the mix can duplicate it once they’ve run out.   And don’t forget to add a hand-written recipe card with instructions for making the Bean Soup.

The jars of soup mix could be the whole gift or could be turned into the gift of a meal by putting the jar in a basket along with a quick bread mix; again labeled with instructions for baking.


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  1. Kate said

    I love this idea. The jars look so pretty. I think I’ll make a few of these to put in the “Lazy Sunday In A Box” homemade gifts I like to make every year. Thanks!

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