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Frugal Goals for 2009

Posted by supermom on December 30, 2008


Every week Lynnae over at posts a Tightwad Tuesday piece.  Today and going forward she has decided to expand that to include other bloggers by adding Mister Linky to the bottom of her Tuesday posts.   This week she’s asking everyone to share their frugal goals for 2009.

Frugal has become the new buzzword of the current economic cycle.  During the first years of our marriage, we made frugal choices out of financial necessity.  Dave and I  wanted me to stay home with our children so we had to find a way to make living on one income work for us.   Now we’ve been living this frugal lifestyle for so long it’s almost become second nature.

But the thing is, we no longer need to live quite so frugally.  We are at a place in our lives financially where we have much more freedom to spend where we want to spend, when we want to spend it.

Our frugal choices of the past have allowed us to become and then continue to live debt free, to have a fully funded emergency fund and to contribute to retirement savings plans.  They’ve also allowed us to put our two daughters through their bachelor degrees (again debt free) and to know that when our son is ready to go, the money will be there for him too.

I wasn’t sure I’d have any real goals to share other than to say we’d continue to live pretty much as we’ve always lived.   But then I realized that those goals are worthy of sharing too.

So here are our goals for 2009:

1.  Continue to live well below our means.

2.  Continue to save and  invest for the future.

3.  Continue to share here on this blog the things I’ve learned over the years that helped us to get to this point in our lives, in order to help others on their journey.

May everyone have a wonderful New Year’s celebration tomorrow evening and let’s all look forward to making 2009 a Joyous and Prosperous year.

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Merry Christmas

Posted by supermom on December 25, 2008


From Our House to Yours

Wishing You and Yours a Very Merry Christmas

And a Joyous and Prosperous New Year

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Puppets Are Great Imaginative Play Toys

Posted by supermom on December 10, 2008

My blog Super Mom – No Cape and all its content has moved to

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Puppets Are Great Imaginative Play Toys



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