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The Bloggies – One of My Favourites is a Finalist

Posted by supermom on January 29, 2009

One of my favourite bloggers is a finalist in the Bloggies in the category of Best Kept Secret.

I discovered Chickens in the Road by romance writer Suzanne McMinn last spring and soon became a daily visitor.   Hers isn’t the usual writer’s site.  In fact, she very rarely talks about her writing.  Instead she posts about her life after moving to a small farm in rural West Virginia.   I started following her site about the time she was describing her adventures in hatching her first chickens.  Since then, she’s acquired three goats, a giant puppy and a pair of ducks, soon to be joined by at least one lamb.  She writes about it all with a quirky sense of humour that keeps her readers coming back to discover her lastest adventure; not to mention the delicious recipes she posts complete with pictures and easy to follow instructions.

I encourage you to go check out her site.  Have a good explore through her archives and once you’re done there, head over to the Chickens in the Road forum which in just the past six months had grown to over 300 members.  And then once you’ve done all that, if you like what you see (and I’m sure you will) take a moment to go here and vote for Suzanne’s site in the Best Kept Secret category.

Note:  You’ll need to scroll sideways to find the Best Kept Secret category.  Along the way, maybe you’ll discover other blogs you know that have made the finals.  Be sure to vote for them too.


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