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Make it Monday – How to Make a Rice Hot/Cold Therapy Bag

Posted by supermom on February 16, 2009

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Make it Monday – How to Make a Rice Hot/Cold Therapy Bag




5 Responses to “Make it Monday – How to Make a Rice Hot/Cold Therapy Bag”

  1. nidcha said

    Nice information, I’m gonna try that.

  2. Deby said

    I was just wondering why you cant use instant rice.

    • supermom said

      Hello Deby,

      You want whatever you use to fill your therapy bag, whether rice or another grain to retain the heat and because instant rice has been processed it’s not likely to retain heat very well. Also, I wouldn’t expect that the instant rice would hold up as well as regular rice or whole grain.

  3. R. Harbert said

    I have heard that if you bake the rice in the oven before placing it in the bag it will not have the moisture in it.  The bag I purchased did not have moisture.  The bag I made did have moisture in it when warmed up.  If this is correct, how long and at what temp. do I need to bake it?  Thanks.

  4. Michele Hjulstad said

    Thank you. I will try this! Muggs

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