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Make it Monday – How to Sew the Cover for the Rice Hot/Cold Therapy Bag

Posted by supermom on March 23, 2009

To make the cover for the rice therapy bag that I posted the instructions for on the last Make It Monday:

For the rice bag cover:  Cut one piece of polar fleece 7″X25″ and one piece 7″X27″ (the extra two inches form the button flap extension)

Now because this was a Valentine’s gift for our oldest daughter… I wanted to jazz it up a bit, so I also cut one piece 7″X27″ from a colourful cotton fabric on which I centered a piece of redwork embroidery.   I’m including those steps in the instructions but it is not necessary and they can be ignored if you’re simply wanting a nice soft cover for your rice bag.

For the button flap extension:   cut one piece of fabric 2″X7″ from cotton if adding that or from fleece if not.

To begin,  place center of redwork embroidery at what will be the center of the finished cover.   Remember you have the button flap extension, so the center of the finished piece would be 12.5″ from the end opposite the button flap extension.  Pin redwork in place and

Place 7″X27″cotton right side up on right side of 7″X27″ fleece.  Baste all the way around using ¼”

Turn under and sew a ½” hem on 7″X25″ piece of polar fleece.

Next, pin the two pieces of fleece right sides together.  Sew down one long side, across the end and up the other long side, using ½”

Clip seam as shown, making sure not to clip more than one half inch:clip-seam

Trim seams to ¼”.

For the button flap extension, I cut one 7″ side of the extension on the selvage edge of the cotton to eliminate the need to hem, but otherwise, you’ll need to turn under 1/2″ hem.

Pin this piece to the wrong side of button flap extension.  Sew using ½” seam as indicated in

Clip corners diagonally.  Trim seam to ¼”. trim-seams-and-clip-corners

Turn extension right side out and sew along bottom edge of cotton to hold in place.   Turn the rice bag cover right side out.

Sew two buttonholes one inch in, on either side of button flap

Fold button flap extension down.  Mark position for buttons.  Sew buttons in

Heat or chill your rice therapy bag and insert it into cover.finished-rice-bag-cover

Now sit and relax while the therapy bag goes to work on those aches and pains.

If you have any question about these instructions, please feel free to leave a comment and I will try to clarify.


2 Responses to “Make it Monday – How to Sew the Cover for the Rice Hot/Cold Therapy Bag”

  1. Marilyn said

    Hi Supermom! I just stumbled across your site from totally ready. I LOVE your blog! I do have one suggestion though-you need to post more! 😉

  2. Amy said

    Hi! Marilyn’s daughter here. Cute gift idea! I have something similar and I have never found a need to buy an electric heating pad because I have my trusty microwavable bean bag! …or whatever that stuff is inside it. I made it as an enrichment project way back when I was in a singles ward.

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