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Making Bread – Making Life

Posted by supermom on April 2, 2009

I love making bread.  The old fashioned way… kneading it by hand.  It is probably the most satisfying of all the baking I do.

I enjoy the whole process: from proofing the yeast to the kneading; from walking away to let it rise to coming back and finding it has grown and expanded.  From forming the loaves to the final wonderful smell of fresh baked bread.  It can be very difficult to wait to cut into a loaf and oft times we sacrifice one loaf to allow the others to rest their required time.   (Bread continues to cook inside for approximately 40 minutes after being removed from the oven.)

When I saw these two videos… the lady expresses so well how I feel about making bread that I had to share them.  Enjoy!


One Response to “Making Bread – Making Life”

  1. Love those videos…..reminds me of my mom, she used to make 7 loaves every Sunday, never really measuring, the beginning flour was using her sifter, she just put it in the big cherry can and it just looked right, used the salt shaker……and the first loaf was just for putting butter and brown sugar on right out of the oven…….ahhh, memories. I make my own bread, too, it’s a relaxing process to me, but I am a measurer….maybe one day I won’t need to!

    Thank you for the videos!

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