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The Pay It Forward Gifts

Posted by supermom on April 16, 2009

Now that the three ladies who signed up to receive Pay It Forward gifts from me have received them and had a chance to enjoy them for a while, I thought I’d get the pictures posted of what I made for each lady.

For Katherine over at Sew Me Something Good, I knit a set of dishclothes in colours to match her new kitchen apron and oven mitts.butterfly-dishcloth

Line’s blog is Scribbles by Me and while I can’t read Swedish, I did see from the pictures that she has posted that they are remodeling their kitchen.  So I made these dishclothes for her to use once the remodelling is finished.  In her photos, it looked like they had painted the walls a pale yellow, so I chose a bright yellow yarn to make them with.sunshine-dishclothes

From reading through Just A Flip Flop Mom’s blog entries I learned that she is currently attending classes and probably has little time to pamper herself, so for her I knit washclothes instead of dishclothes in the hopes that they would encourage her to take time occasionally to de-stress with a nice long bath.  The washclothes were knit slightly larger than the dishclothes.praying-hands-dishcloth

As you can see, each lady also received one dishcloth or washcloth with a design knit into the pattern.  I chose each design especially for the lady who received it.

And here they are all bundled up just before they were put into the envelopes and mailed off.bundled-up-and-ready-to-go


4 Responses to “The Pay It Forward Gifts”

  1. These are just beautiful!!

    If you would like to read Line’s blog, here’s the site for google translator…….it works great!!

  2. Julie said

    Those are really beautiful, I loved the designs embedded in each cloth.

  3. Line said

    thanks again for the yellow dishclothes, they are lovely. Yellow is my favorite color and they go perfectly with our new kitchen. So sweet of you to take the time to make them for me!

    • supermom said

      You’re so very welcome, Line. I’m pleased that you are enjoying them. That’s the greatest thanks any crafter can receive.

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