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Make it Monday – How to Sew a Round Tablecloth

Posted by supermom on April 27, 2009


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Make it Monday – How to Sew a Round Tablecloth




16 Responses to “Make it Monday – How to Sew a Round Tablecloth”

  1. Pete said

    Another way to get a circle is with a pencil on a string. Fold as you did, tie a pencil on one end of a piece of string, measure the radius of the circle then anchor that much string at the point of the fold (what will become the center of the circle). You have to be careful to keep the pencil straight up all the way around the arc, but it is a pretty simple way to draw a circle. Pin and cut as you have instructed.

  2. Salli Bordfeld said

    Thank you so much for your very clear and precise directions on making the round table cloth – the measurement part of it is where I was stuck! Thanks again, and have a great day!

    Sincerely, Salli Bordfeld

    • supermom said

      You’re welcome, Salli. I’m glad my instructions were able to help you. And thank you for taking the time to leave a comment to let me know.

  3. irmgard Burford said

    great instructions….what a life saver…..promised to make a round tablecloth for a friend…..will make it tomorrow

  4. melanee said

    Thank-you, Supermom! I really appreciate you taking the time to share your round-table expertise. Looks fantastic!

  5. nice instructions, esp with the phoitos. I am looking for how muc cording around the hem I will need.

  6. Micheline Kosloff said

    I have a very large glass table. 64inch in dia.
    my fabric is 54in wide……
    table height is 27.5inches
    I only have 3.6 yards of fabric left, so I was thinking of using an existing round table cloth, cutting it to fit to the edge of table, and only making a skirt to attach to the round cloth.
    thank you

    Note: Edited to remove phone number

    • supermom said

      Hello Micheline,

      That should work… you’ll just need to remember to add a seam allowance to the measurement of the table top before cutting it the round tablecloth.

  7. Carol said

    Just got a sewing machine for Christmas. Totally new to sewing. Thought I’d make a tree skirt for next year. It will be 60″ round with a round cut-out in the middle of 18″ diameter to accommodate the tree stand. I understand your directions but I am concerned about folding the round edge to do the edge seam. Isn’t that difficult since it is curved? Also, I can see that at the larger 60″ diameter it might only be buckled in some parts but for sewing the center 18″ hole edges, any suggestions? Do I cut out little triangles or something periodically so it will fold around the tight curve?

    • supermom said

      What a fun gift to get for Christmas!

      For the tree skirt… what you could do is cut out two tree skirt shapes and then sew those two pieces together with wrong sides of the fabric facing each other. Leave an opening along the straight edge through which to turn it right side out. And yes… clipping the curves before turning it right side out will help to make them lay nice and flat. Then once you have it turned right side out… sew the opening closed using a blind stitch. Press it well and you’ll have a beautiful new tree skirt to use next Christmas.

      Have fun learning to sew!

  8. Leann Bennett said

    Thanks for the great instructions! I am making a 60″ round cloth for a customer and this is the first one I have ever made. I am supposed to line it and am a little concerned about the hem line-also about how the two fabrics will “stay together” and not “pouf” or get mis-shapened if you know what I mean! Do you pre-wash the fabric for shrinkage? Thanks!

    • supermom said

      Hello Leann,

      Yes, I always pre-wash all fabric.

      Since you are lining the tablecloth… what you could do so that the fabrics don’t shift as much… is after you have the two pieces sewn together and turned right-side out… topstitch 1/4″ from the edge.

  9. Janell said

    I plan to make a round tablecloth for an accent table, but I want to add piping to the bottom. I just realized that I’ll either have to line it or or bias tape on the inside bottom edge. I really don’t want to go through the trouble of lining but also don’t want a hem stitching to show if I use bias tape. Any ideas?

    • supermom said

      Hello Janell,

      The only thing I can think of to avoid having to line the tablecloth or use bias tape, is to insert the piping into the hem of the tablecloth itself, as you are hemming it. To make that possible… when you’re sewing the hem, switch from your regular presser foot to a zipper foot so that you can sew along the edge of the piped hem.

      • Janell said

        Thanks for the quick reply. I did think of that but I don’t think it will give me the nice look that the biased fabric cover of the cording will give me. I think I’ve talked myself into lining it. After all the time and expense the cost of the lining and time to make it won’t add much more trouble.

  10. Thanks for the clear instructions. I was unsure about doing the piecing since my tablecloth needed to be larger than a 54″ wide fabric.

    For the Christmas skirt lady, I bought a piece of felt. It was 60″ wide so I could cut the circle right out of the fabric. I sewed a piece of trim along the edge and presto, I had a nice skirt. I’ve had it for years. The only thing is I put a piece of round plastic underneath the skirt in case of any spills from watering the tree. I haven’t had any problems with the felt running, but better to be safe.

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