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9 Patch Quilt Top Completed

Posted by supermom on November 10, 2009

Way back at the end of April, Amandajean over on crazy mom quilts started hosting a one-a-day 9 patch quilt along.  I figured one quilt block per day was certainly doable, so I signed up.

By the end of the 10 weeks, I had the seventy 9 patch quilt blocks completed.

And there they sat on the top of that filing cabinet all through the summer and into the fall.  I’m usually pretty good at picturing in my mind how I want a project to look once it’s finished.  But no matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn’t picture how those blocks would look all laid out and sewed together with the sashing.

Then one day a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I’d just laid them all out on the living room floor and go from there.  And within minutes it all came together.  Funny how things work that way sometimes.

So over the next four days, I sewed blocks and sashing together into strips and then sewed more sashing onto those strips.

While I was cutting squares for the 9 patch blocks, I cut an extra 20 of each colour, so I had more than the 442 squares needed to make the scrappy border.   It took me all of one afternoon to sew those squares into the four strips of fabric needed for that border.  But by the time that was done, I could see the end and the next day it didn’t take me any time at all to sew the outer border strips onto the quilt top.

I’m new to quilting and this is the largest quilt top I’ve made so far.  Now that it’s done, I must say that I am really pleased with the way it turned out.Finished 9 patch top

We had a bit of a challenge getting pictures of it, because every time I was just about to click the button, this happened:9 patch blowing in the wind

Here are a couple of close ups of some of the squares.  I really like the way the sashing and the scrappy border makes all the 9 patches come together.9 patch close-up

Pink and Blue 9 patch blocks

It’s so bright and cheerful and I’m looking forward to getting it finished so that we can use it.  But that will have to wait until later this winter.  We’re having a mostly handmade Christmas again this year, so I’m busy working on other projects.

3 Responses to “9 Patch Quilt Top Completed”

  1. Cindy said

    I love that!! It came out wonderful!! So bright and cheerful, that will be an excellent project to work on this winter, when all you can think of is spring…………do you have a winter in GA? LOL!

    • supermom said

      Thanks Cindy. It is going to be fun to quilt.

      We sure don’t get winter like you get winter farther north. But we do get cold snaps with temperatures down into the teens. I know, I know… hardly winter at all… but after living in Hawaii and Florida, it feels mighty cold to us. :o)

  2. Your quilt top came out beautiful; I am sure it took a lot of time and patience. I have quilted small projects; nothing as large as yours. It looks absolutely Wonderful!

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