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Sweet Potatoes Will Indeed Grow in Containers

Posted by supermom on December 8, 2009

It’s been months since I posted an Independence Days update.  And this would be a very long post if I tried to detail everything that we’ve accomplished in that time.  Instead I’m going to tell you about how our sweet potato experiment turned out.

Back in June, when I bought home my four little sweet potatoes slips I wasn’t at all sure if we’d have any success growing them in containers.  We did lose two of the plants for reasons unknown but the two survivors grew well.  They didn’t flower much… not like regular potatoes.  We knew that we had at least one sweet potato because we could see it peeking up out of the soil, so we left them in the containers as long as possible.

Then on the last Sunday in October, the weather service broadcast a frost warning.  It was time to empty the containers and see what we had.  One of the great things about growing sweet potatoes in containers is that to harvest, all you do is dump the container upside down onto a tarp like this:

That smaller container only had one fair size potato and a couple of small ones.  We were, however,  pleasantly surprized when we turned over the second, larger container and lifted it off.

And here they are all laid out to dry in the sun for a bit.

Not a huge harvest.  Still there was more than enough for a side dish for Thanksgiving and some left for Christmas as well.

We are counting this experiment as a success and will definitely be planting sweet potatoes in containers again next year.

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