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Independence Days Challenge

Posted by supermom on March 9, 2010

Once again this year I’m taking part in the Independence Days Challenge being hosted by Sharon Astyk on her old blog that’s been newly named The Chatelaine’s Keys.  You can read more about the Challenge in her post here, but the gist of it is to list each week the things you’ve accomplished in each of the following categories:  plant something, harvest something, preserve something, waste not, want not, build community food systems and finally, eat the food.

Here’s my list for the past week (including today):

1.  Plant something:  Planted the first two rows of peas today in one of our square foot gardens.

2.  Harvest something:  Two very small broccoli heads from the broccoli that I planted late last fall.  With the unusually cold weather we’ve had this winter I was surprised that the plants even survived let alone produced.

3.  Preserve something:  Nothing last week.

4.  Waste not:  The usual; conserving water, keeping the thermostat set as low as we can comfortably handle (which to be honest is lower on some days than on others).  We had stopped composting once both of our barrels were completely full and we had nowhere else to put it  but today I emptied the finished compost into one of the gardens, so we’ll be starting back up again.

5.  Want not:  Stocked up on all purpose and white wheat flour while it was on sale last week.  I was also able to get some more icing buckets from the local grocery store.   I just need a couple more and then I can place a good sized order for some organic hard white wheat through our local health food store.  I’ve been reading about how much more nutrition there is in freshly ground flour as compared to the stuff you buy in the stores and so have been working towards getting ready to do that.

6.  Build Community Food Systems:  Purchased milk, eggs and grass-fed beef from a local farmer.  It was the first time we’d tried grass-fed beef and after trying the hamburger and then a sirloin steak… we will definitely be making the switch after we use up what is currently in our freezer.  To compensate for the higher price we’ll be paying, I’ve been trying to cook at least one meatless meal per week.

7.  Eat the food:  With all the freezing and preserving we did last summer and fall, our trips to the grocery store have been quite a bit fewer and the bills quite a bit smaller.

In the past three months, we’ve only purchased two loaves of bread as I’ve been baking all our bread.

And I’ve been slowly trying to eliminate as many processed foods from our diet as I can.  I can’t believe the number of products that have MSG added to them, not to mention the endless list of additives.  Some things, I’ll be giving up completely.  Others I’ll be substituting with homemade versions.  At least then, I’ll know what’s in the foods that I’m feeding my family.


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