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Independence Days Challenge – March 15th – 22nd

Posted by supermom on March 23, 2010

We were away last week for spring intersession so there isn’t a lot to report today.   Be sure to check out Sharon’s update for the Independence Days Challenge.  And don’t forget to read through the comments to see how everyone else is doing.

1.  Plant something:  Nothing, but I checked the garden and the peas are just coming up.

2.  Harvest something:  Nothing.  The collards that I moved before we left are doing well and I’ll be harvesting some leaves this week.  The brussels sprouts have buds that should be ready to harvest in the next couple of weeks.   This is our first time growing collards and brussels sprouts, so I’m pleased that we’ll get a harvest from them.

3.  Preserve something:  Nothing

4.  Waste not:   Brought home all bottles used on vacation to be recycled.

5.  Want not:  Made a trip to Costco before coming home to stock up on cheese and butter.  Also purchased a mattress pad with the hopes that it will extend the life of our bed.  (If last night is any indication and it wasn’t just exhaustion from driving for 11 hours, the mattress pad made a major difference.)

6.  Build Community Food Systems:  Nothing

7.  Eat the food:   I took homemade bread and rolls with us on holiday and cooked most of our meals in the hotel room.   I will admit to enjoying the meals that we did eat out as it was nice to have someone else do the cooking and cleaning up, but it’s not something I could ever get used to doing on a regular basis.


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