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FNSI – April 15th

Posted by supermom on April 13, 2011

Sign-ups for this month’s Friday Night Sew In have started so be sure to get signed up for another fun night.

I’ll be sitting out this FSNI as we have other plans for that evening.  But on Saturday, I hope to find time to check out what everyone else worked on.

Heidi has designed this neat new button for FNSI.

Handmade by Heidi

I tried adding it to my right sidebar, but only succeeded in losing the other info I have there.   After several minutes, I did manage to get things back to normal, but I’m too chicken to try adding it again.


3 Responses to “FNSI – April 15th”

  1. wendy said

    Thanks for your comment on my Hefalump post. You said that perhaps the pattern meant to sew the belly along the long sides – but that was where it was marked “leave open for turning”! I think there is an error in there but I’ll know what I’m doing next time!

    • supermom said

      You’re right, there must be some kind of an error. I’m thinking, (though I may be wrong) that on that long side on that pattern piece, they may have left off the markings that would have indicated an area in the middle of that seam to leave open. And the instructions should have maybe said, sew underbelly pieces together along the long side, leaving a space open for turning.

      But now that you’ve finished one… the next one will be even easier and you can make your own corrections to the pattern.

  2. Sandra :) said

    I’m having a great and productive time on FNSI night – I’ve done 2 now, and I’m looking forward to more – I’m trying to do Christmas gifts that night 😀 I hope you’ll be able to join in next month! Nancy (Heaven is Handmaid) embroidered me up some “Tomte” faces so I think I’ll work on dolls next FNSI 🙂

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