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What Was In The Gift Bag?

Posted by supermom on April 14, 2011

My blog Super Mom – No Cape and all its content has moved to

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What Was In The Gift Bag?




4 Responses to “What Was In The Gift Bag?”

  1. Katherine said

    Lovely and very thoughtful! I’m certain Dawn will love it.

  2. what a lovely gift to have received you did well and congs Dawn

  3. Nancy said

    I love the new additions to your blog. The story about the doll cradle was lovely, and you guys did a great job in making it special before you passed it on. Hugs!

  4. corina said

    Dawn will be one very happy camper! A very thoughtful gift for her – you done good! I will definitely be entering your 4th blog anniversary. To save you some reading, I love any kind of chocolate, puppies, love stationery,….LOL.

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