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FNSI – June Results

Posted by supermom on June 18, 2011

The binding is on the flying zebra baby quilt, but it didn’t get done last night.   I have a tendency to underestimate how long it will take to do things or to take into account pesky little details like having to stop to eat, etc.

I had miscalculated how much time it would take to sew in all the quilting threads and remove any of the basting threads that weren’t removed during quilting.  So I spent last evening doing that.

Putting the binding on took the better part of this afternoon, with a couple of breaks during which Dave and I made 20 breakfast burritos and two different kinds of English muffin breakfast sandwiches (6 bacon, egg and cheese and 6 sausage, egg and cheese.)  Those are now in the freezer; ready for breakfasts and lunches over the next couple of weeks.

Now I just need to hand sew the binding to the back.  Aren’t those just the prettiest little binder clips.  I picked them up at Staples a couple of months ago when I was putting the binding on the Green Teddy Baby Quilt.

Once the binding is finished, I just need to add a label to call this quilt done.

The lady at Bama Bound Quilts has requested that all quilts be sent in a co-ordinating tote bag with at least one pocket and a stuffed toy.   So that’s next on the list, though I’m not sure if I’m going to make the toy or buy one.


7 Responses to “FNSI – June Results”

  1. What a bright and happy quilt! It will be loved by some lucky child 🙂

  2. Sandra :) said

    You could get the binding stitched while watching your favourite movie – I’ve named a few quilts after shows I was watching when I finished them, LOL! Some little one will be very happy to snuggle under that 🙂

  3. maria said

    Love the fabric you used for this sweet quilt. will put a smile on a little ones face.
    I always machine stitch my bindings for kids quilts. They are washed a lot and machine stitching is tougher.

  4. corina said

    That quilt will definitely bring smiles!

  5. dogmomdiva said

    What a beauty that quilt is, and will be so loved by a deserving child..what a kind and generous and feel good thing to do..
    thank you for stopping by my blog, I love FNSI when I get a chance to participate which means when I remember! Feel free to come by and visit anytime!


  6. Karen said

    What a cheerful, wonderful quilt that is. A child will certainly love it.

  7. nancy dee said

    Loving the colours in that quilt! I never realize how long it will take me to do something. Thanks for the words of assurance about my rewired brain. That’s a concept I can get behind. See also: sleepless menopause mornings (3:30 a.m.)

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