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Recent Thrift Store Finds

Posted by supermom on June 24, 2011

I thought I’d share some of my recent thrift store finds.

I collect these glass wire bale jars to store my home grown dried herbs in, so these were a nice find at 99 cents each.

The rose shower curtain (100% cotton) will make a pretty quilt backing.  And the bright floral vintage sheet; I’m deciding between aprons or perhaps a fun summer skirt… maybe both.

I found this vintage Singer Buttonholer and extra set of templates at the Habitat for Humanity HomeMart.  They had it marked at $10.   I offered $5 and they accepted.  But I didn’t buy it for the buttonholer.  I bought it because I wanted the templates (those little grey things.)

When I bought my Singer 15-91, it came with a buttonholer but only one buttonhole template.  It’s the only part of the transaction that I wasn’t pleased with because the seller more or less shrugged off the fact the templates were missing by saying that you rarely find buttonholers included in the sale of vintage machines and there were lots of buttonholers available on Ebay to buy if I wanted more templates.

For the first time ever, I decided not to leave feedback for a seller.   I didn’t want to leave completely negative feedback because the 15-91 is exactly as described and sews great.  On the other hand, a buttonholer was advertised as part of the sale and it was missing important pieces; a buttonholer without templates is pretty much useless.  Ebay really doesn’t give enough room to explain things properly on their feedback form, so I decided no feedback was better than incomplete feedback.

Anyway, back to the buttonholer I got from the HomeMart.   That buttonholer was missing the needle plate cover but that wasn’t a problem since I was only interested in the templates.  I took all the templates from it and put them with the one that came with the 15-91 and now I have a complete set and I didn’t have to pay any extra for shipping like I would have done if I’d bought one off of Ebay.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the buttonholer from HomeMart.  Though I am thinking I might list it on ebay making sure to note that it only has one template.  Perhaps someone will want it for parts.


2 Responses to “Recent Thrift Store Finds”

  1. love the jars, wat a good find!

  2. Sandra :) said

    I have the same kind of buttonholer for my 201, also purchased on Ebay, and also missing one piece – probably the same piece yours is missing! Mine did come with the full set of templates and I bought another set in the other sizes, but when I went to try out the machine, I realized there was a piece missing, argh. I should find my machine and see if that IS the piece I’m missing – maybe yours has what mine needs! (I did go downstairs a minute ago to look for it but I have no idea where I put it when I organized, LOL!)

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