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Friday Night Sew In Results

Posted by supermom on July 23, 2011

Last night, we’d just finished supper and I was about to head to the spare bedroom to settle in for FNSI when our neighbours from across the street stopped over for a visit.  I got to show off our newly recovered lawn chair cushions and we spent a pleasant evening chatting on the front porch until it got dark.

By the time Dave and I came back into the house, I decided that rather than start on something new at 10 o’clock at night, I’d do some crochet.

I don’t know if you’ve been following my progress on my various projects on my Unfinished Projects list, but if you have, you know that I ran into a bit of a glitch when working on the crocheted beaded garland.  In trying to use up what I had on hand, I ended up running out of the South Maid crochet cotton thread that I was using and then wasn’t able to find more locally.  When I checked out ordering some on-line, the shipping would have cost more than the crochet thread itself.

So earlier this week, I made the tough decision and took apart the one and a half very long rows I had already completed and started over with a new ball of Aunt Lydia’s crochet cotton.  Last night, I finished row two and made a start on row three.

Then tired, but not enough to go to sleep, I decided to cut out the paper pattern pieces for this vintage apron pattern.

This pattern was one of the treasures that I found in the bench seat that came with the Art Deco cabinet we bought for my Singer 15-91.  It had the same awful smell as the cabinet did when we first brought it home, so it, along with other bits and bobs, has spent the past several weeks in a bag covered with kitty litter to absorb the odour.  The kitty litter worked great!

That’s the sum total of my FNSI.  No actual sewing, but progress on a UFO and a pattern prepped and ready to use.  Not what I had planned but a very pleasant evening nonetheless.

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7 Responses to “Friday Night Sew In Results”

  1. Sandra :) said

    I think the “S” in FNSI stands for … Sogoaheadandpickwhatyouwanttoworkon – yep yep yep!

    You had a very productive FNSI even if it started a bit late – and who can complain about spending time with friends? I’d say it was a great night for both of us!

  2. Rhonda said

    The best laid planes…. as they say. At least you did a little something for FNSI. I managed to lock all my doors and took the phone off the hook before I started sewing. People weren’t very happy about not being able to reach me but I was very happy… LOL

  3. nancy said

    I love that apron! I never would have though about “unstinking” paper with kitty litter. Makes perfect sense. Around here, I use it for traction in the winter…
    Sorry about the unravelling of the crochet. Although, I have one aunt who has re-knit a sweater seven times. She paid more than $200 for the wool, but my uncle says she has re done it so often he figures she got her money’s worth! 🙂
    Also, that stash deal looks awesome! Was that a cupcake purse pattern I saw in there???? So cute!
    We had a great FNSI — and spending some on the porch with folks? That’s just so Georgia sounding!
    Cheers, my friend, cheers!

  4. Your beaded garland is beautiful. I love to crochet but I’ve never really enjoyed working with thread.

  5. Michele said

    Sounds like you had fun with friends……that makes for a great evening 🙂 Your crocheted garland looks beautiful. Cute apron pattern….what a find! Any kind of progress is great in my book.

  6. Wow I love your crochet, looks really lovely, its also nice to have a nice visit from nice friends, to cold here at the moment to sit outside anywhere 🙂 Thanks for your comment on my page.

    Cheers Pam

  7. what a great post and i love that apron pattern,well done

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