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Christmas on a Budget Series – Two No-Sew Christmas Ideas

Posted by supermom on July 25, 2011


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Christmas on a Budget Series – Two No-Sew Christmas Ideas



3 Responses to “Christmas on a Budget Series – Two No-Sew Christmas Ideas”

  1. Sandra :) said

    I love the Christmas tin idea – I see them all the time in the thrift stores but hadn’t thought about using them for gifting purposes – I’ll pick some up next time I’m out!

    The busy bags idea is brilliant – my neighbours have a 2 year old lad and momma is expecting TWINS next month, so a BB would be perfect for big brother Matteo – thanks for the idea! I have sidewalk chalk and crayons already – I can pick up some more goodies this weekend in Michigan!

  2. I love to buy tin containers. You can put almost anything in them for gifts. We have cousins, nieces and nephews that always guess what their gift is based on how it is wrapped. A tin would throw them off and keep them guessing for awhile.

    Busy bags, what a great idea! I used to keep things like that in the car. Even a short trip to the store can make kids grumpy. A busy bag keeps them occupied especially if it is something that they don’t normally have in the house.

  3. Nancy said

    These are fantastic ideas! I used to love getting “arty” presents when I was a kid. My niece and nephews each have colouring sheet binders here at our house, and their own tin of crayons. Pretty low tech fun, and its a good lesson to wait for your turn for the brown crayon! Cheers!

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