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Christmas on a Budget – Building Traditions

Posted by supermom on August 25, 2011

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Christmas on a Budget – Building Traditions


5 Responses to “Christmas on a Budget – Building Traditions”

  1. When our kids were young we started some traditions of our own too. I found that the simplest of things were the things they remembered. We have breakfast burritos on Christmas morning. I recently suggested changing the menu and the kids said it wouldn’t be Christmas without breakfast burritos in the morning. Plus, they expect a new pillow just like they receive every year. I skipped buying pillows last year and they still give me grief about it.

  2. Sandi said

    Your traditions are wonderful – I especially like the pj story! I have one tradition that is purely for me. We have a music box of the Three Wise Men that plays Dominique (I only found out the name of the song this past Christmas, thanks to bloggers!) and it isn’t Christmas until I’ve pulled that poor, ugly, cheap old thing out and wound the mechanism so it can play it’s song.

  3. Sandra :) said

    We had some lovely Christmas traditions when I was growing up – opening a present on Christmas Eve (and it was always NEW JAMMIES! YAY!) – all 4 of us kids putting on a “pageant” for our parents (oh my, I’m sure my 8 years older + 6 years older bro & sis appreciated doing THAT with the two youngest ones, HAHA) — always finding a tangerine, new crayons and a new colouring book in my stocking, and the most frustrating of all – having to wait until 7:00 a.m. to go downstairs to see if Santa had been by — and dad always leading the way! Those memories take me back 45 years (even though I’m still 29, ahem) and are my warmest and happiest memories of childhood 🙂

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  5. Jennifer said

    We make cookies with all the kids either in the neighborhood or family. We could not afford to get gifts for everyone so we had a cookie nite with the kids which allowed the adults to shop. I never thought it was such a big deal until one year we did not do it. The kids (teenagers at this point) wanted to know why they were not getting cookie nite. Needless to say we brought back cookie nite and have done it every year. Now some of the to me kids have carried on cookie nite with their families and send pictures. We use to roll the entire table with dough and cut our hearts out.

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