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My Trip to Canada

Posted by supermom on September 6, 2011

No sewing or homemaking stuff got done last week because our youngest and I traveled up to Canada to get him settled into his second year of college.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, we hadn’t been able to make a trip earlier this summer to secure him accommodations so we trusted to the Universe to provide and provide it did.

He had contacted several people offering rooms to rent or house shares and we had two confirmed appointments for Sunday, August 28th with others possibilities to view on Monday.   But they weren’t needed because he got the room he wanted in the basement of a really nice home that was our second appointment on Sunday.

He has a master suite type room; large furnished bedroom, his own private bathroom and walk-in closet.  He also has the use of half of a fridge in another room in the basement, some shelves for storing non-perishable food as well as a fully furnished common area/rec room.  And not the usual rec room furniture of other people’s cast-offs, but really nice, comfy furniture, TV, etc.

He’ll be cooking his own meals upstairs in the family’s kitchen who, I might add from our brief acquaintance seem to be very nice people.

We feel so blessed and grateful everything fell into place for us.

One more example of that was… while we had hoped since it was so close to the first of the month, our son would be able to move right in… it turned out the room wasn’t available until the 1st because the other tenant had decided to stay on a few more days than he told the landlords he would be.   The other tenant was paid up until the end of the month, so they could hardly ask him to leave.  But even that proved to be the Universe providing.

You see, our original plan (such as it was), was to find him a place and get him moved in Monday and Tuesday, shop for groceries and essentials on Wednesday and then take care of the getting him his new student ID, etc on Thursday.    I had also planned to set aside time to meet up with friends (more on that later. )

Instead we spent Monday morning getting his student ID and doing banking.   On Thursday, all the college support workers in Ontario went on strike.  Many of our son’s friends and classmates were and have been standing in line for hours to get their student IDs and get registered and moved into residence.

While I drove home, our son spent the weekend organizing his room and exploring his new home area on the bus.  What we had first thought of as a disappointment turned out to be the Universe arranging our days to our best advantage.

The trip wasn’t all college related.   I did indulge in a little (okay, a lot) of fabric shopping.  I’ve discovered that while driving 15 hours a day the way I used to, just isn’t fun anymore, I can make a 10 hour driving day fun by stopping at intervals to check out quilt shops.

On the way up, we stopped at The Quilt Box in Dry Ridge, Kentucky.    I had first stopped there on the way up to Canada back in April on our trip to bring our son home for the summer.

Then on the second day of our trip up… just before the Pensylvannia/New York stateline, we stopped into Calico Patch Quilt Shop in the little town of North East.  (Yes, it’s really called North East.)

There's an item missing from the above photo but I'll explain that in tomorrow's post.

During my stay in Canada, I had the opportunity to meet two internet blogging friends; Nancy from Heaven is Handmaid and Sandra from Sandra Sews : ).

I was quite nervous before meeting them, wondering what they’d think of this Canadian Ex-Pat who thinks of herself as Hawaiian even if she is currently living in Georgia.  However, from the moment we met, it didn’t feel like I was meeting strangers at all, but dear friends that I somehow hadn’t seen in a while and we were simply spending time catching up on all that had happened in the intervening years.

I had so much fun that afternoon and from the write-ups on their blogs here and here, I’d say they did too.

Before we went for lunch, they introduced me to this wonderful little shop called Quilt A Bag in Markham, where I indulged by buying a few fat quarters as well as some bag handles.

After shopping, we stopped at Tim Horton’s for a quick bite to eat. We also had a gift exchange.  Let me tell you, Nancy and Sandra thoroughly spoiled me.  Just check out the photos below.

This is the gift bag from Nancy. Aren't those the cutest little scissors!

And inside was all this... a quilt book, a tin of pins, candy and lip gloss which is just the yummiest lip gloss ever.

When I stopped at Nancy’s place to pick her up, she invited me in to freshen up a bit after driving through morning traffic on Hwy 401 and 404.   I noticed one of the bags she’d written about on her blog and mentioned to her how much I loved the fabric she’d used.  Nancy surprized me by giving me the fabric she had leftover, saying that she’d had so much trouble making that particular bag that she couldn’t stand to even look at the fabric anymore.

Sandra had made me this darling gift bag with matching card.

And inside the bag from Sandra was real Canadian Maple Syrup, one of her pretty zip bags with buttons, a covered notepad and a beaded bookmark with the cutest ladybug beads on each end.

Back at Sandra’s, I got to see her sewing room.  I had to marvel at how organized she is.  She has project kits all made up ready to sew.  Some by her sewing machine, others in baskets on a table opposite and even more kits in bins that she rotates in as she completes kits.  No wonder, she is so productive!

While there, Nancy had a browse through Sandra’s scrap bin and found that ladybug scrap for me.  I love ladybugs.  And Sandra gave me a flex bag frame and made copies for me of two of the patterns she uses for her bags.

See… I told you they spoiled me.

Thank you Nancy and Sandra for making my trip extra special!

Tomorrow, I’ll post pics of my quilt shop stops on the way back home.


3 Responses to “My Trip to Canada”

  1. Sandra :) said

    You were nervous about meeting us???!! OMG we’re like the Beverly Hillbillies of our town … ROTFL!!! We’re about as nerve-wracking as tapioca!!!! 😉

    It was positively delightful to meet you, my dear – I’m glad the Universe provided you with time to get together with us during your trip (in addition to being thankful that the Universe provided you with time to meet with your daughter!) – from your post it seems that more and more parts of the puzzle fell into place perfectly, wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo!!

  2. Sandra :) said

    P.S. I’m Jane Hathaway — too young to be Granny, too old to be Elly Mae … ROTFL!!!

  3. Irina said

    Oh, what a lovely bundle of goodies! Thank you for visiting my blog!

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