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Teapot Planters Revisited

Posted by supermom on September 8, 2011

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Teapot Planters Revisited




4 Responses to “Teapot Planters Revisited”

  1. Nancy D. said

    Congrats super mom!
    Now Sandra and I have to get ourselves to Value Village…I have the ivy growing outside, one for her and one for me. It will soon be time to bring them in and they can live in teapot. And, what is the ivy called? That’s right: needlepoint ivy. Nice juxtaposition, right?

  2. Sandra :) said

    Oh my! As soon as I saw that gorgeous photo I emailed Nancy and told her we need to get to the thrift store (to buy a teapot) – I LOVE THAT! Congratulations on being chosen for that adorable list!

  3. Sandra :) said

    LOL I didn’t see her comment before I posted mine – she has ivy for me – score!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOL!!!

  4. corina said

    It’s no wonder Emily wanted to use your photo and idea – so very pretty. I have an ivy, but no teapot, although I do have a smaller soup tureen with a broken lid! Or maybe I’ll be at Value Village this week too!

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