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Dehydrating Mushrooms

Posted by supermom on October 1, 2011


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Dehydrating Mushrooms



5 Responses to “Dehydrating Mushrooms”

  1. Sandra :) said

    I use canned mushroom gravy for my salisbury steak, LOLOL – we’re not big mushroom fans here!

  2. Great idea to dehydrate mushrooms. My Daughter and I love to have fresh mushrooms in our salads but we don’t always eat them all before they get brown and slimy.

    Do you like your dehydrator? I would love to buy a dehydrator but I’m not sure which one I want. I had one of those circlular plastic ones before and I wasn’t happy with it. Yours looks industrial like.

    • supermom said

      We love our Excalibur dehydrator. I did quite a bit of research before we decided which one to buy and from everything I’ve read the Excalibur is the best of them all.

      We decided to go with the 9 tray dehydrator because Dave likes to make jerky, in addition to all the other things that we dehydrate. But there are smaller 4 and 5 tray models as well. They are pricier than the round type dehydrators but come with a 5 year warranty (some have a 10 year warranty.)

      One of the things I really like about ours is that it has both a temperature control and a timer. That way I can dry herbs at a lower temperature and they retain more of their colour and flavour. I just finished using a jar of basil from the summer of 2009 and it was just as flavourful and aromatic as when I first put it in the jar.

      I’ve experimented with drying all sorts of things… herbs, of course… but also onions, cabbage, pasta and even frozen vegetables.

      I buy bags of vegetables when they are on sale. They don’t even have to be defrosted… just spread them out on the trays and they are ready for the dehydrator. They are all great to have on hand to throw into winter soups and stews.

      I think I’m sounding like an Excalibur salesperson but we really have gotten our money’s worth out of the one we bought.

  3. Mary said

    that’s a great idea! Now I wish I hadn’t turned our dehydrator into a clay tool :O)

  4. I grew up in a Polish household and my father used to dry mushrooms by placing them on a pan and setting the pan on top of the coal furnace in the cellar. We’ve come a long way baby…dehydrators and basements…hahaha.

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