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Blog Name – Am I Really a Super Mom?

Posted by supermom on October 8, 2011

Earlier this week, Dawn over at Sweet as Cinnamon invited her readers who have blogs to write a post explaining how they came up with the name for their blog.

I explained how the name of my blog came about in my very first post back on March 12th, 2008.   However, since it’s likely that only my family has been reading my blog that long, I thought I’d copy that post forward for newer readers.

When our oldest was born at little over 23 years ago, I remember looking down at her sweet little face and suddenly feeling completely overwhelmed and unprepared for the task ahead.   But just as quickly, I realized that being overwhelmed wasn’t an option.  That little person was depending on me to figure it out.  So with the loving support of my husband and the advice and guidance from countless mothers who had gone before me, I took on the role of mother; first to one then two and finally three children. 

My being dubbed Super Mom started out as a family in-joke shortly after the movie The Incredibles came out.   I had sorted out some problem one of our children was having and said child remarked, “Super Mom to the rescue!”  To which I replied, “No Capes!”   If you’ve watched the movie, you’ll recognize the reference right away.  If not, watch this….


So to answer the question.  No, I don’t consider myself a Super Mom, in the hero sense of the word.   But over the years, I did strive every day to be the best Mom I could possibly be.  And here in this blog it is my aim to pass along some of what I’ve learned about raising a family and making a home into a haven for them. 

I hope that you will join me by commenting on posts and sharing your own experiences.  By doing so, we’ll all learn from each other and continue the tradition of mothers (and fathers) passing on advice and encouragement to those who are making this journey with us and those who come after.

So that’s how Super Mom – No Cape came to be.   Since that first post, our oldest daughter, now 26, has graduated university with a dual degree in Psychology and Linguistics and is currently living and teaching in Shanghai, China with her partner.

Our middle daughter graduated with a degree in English and is currently working as a Junior Financial Analyst for one of the major international banks.

And our youngest son is in his second year of studying Web Design and Internet Applications.

I’m feeling my way to discovering just who I am now that I’ve transitioned from full-time Mom to Mom adviser, always knowing that they are all the responsible adults we raised them to be and are free to take or leave any advice I might dish out.   It does feel good when they call to ask my advice but it feels equally good when they call just to say hi and catch up on news and to know that they are making their own quite unique way in the world.


7 Responses to “Blog Name – Am I Really a Super Mom?”

  1. Nancy said

    You make your soup stocks. End of discussion — cape or not — you are a supermom…and also very talented and a very sweet friend.

  2. Wendy B said

    What a wonderful explanation….love your blog name and the reason behind it!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog….I couldn’t reply any other way…no reply blogger so I tracked you down! The ash that falls from the sugar cane in our district is also referred to as Black Snow….but also Burdekin our district is the Burdekin Shire. Thanks so much for visiting my blog too….I love meeting new crafters…….and learning so much!
    sugary hugs
    Wendy B :O) X

  3. Narelle said

    What a lovely introduction to your blog name 🙂

  4. Janet said

    What a wonderful celebration of yourself!

  5. Suzanne said

    Thanks for sharing this post…I borrowed your idea and posted on my own blog. Thanks for the adoption comment.

  6. I’ve enjoyed reading how you got your blog name. I had the same feeling when we brought our first son home. Thanks for dropping by my blog too!

  7. Marg said

    A great name, lovely to know why you chose it. I think we would all like to feel like we are supermoms occasionally.

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