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Sometimes You Have to Think Outside the Box

Posted by supermom on December 2, 2011

Or perhaps inside the box, with a new vision?

I having been worried about how we were going to wrap the Art Deco sewing machine cabinet that my Singer 15-91 lives in to get it ready for our move.  Dave put so much work into refinishing that cabinet that I just dreaded the thought that it might get scratched or damaged in the move.

We picked up several large triple layer heavy duty paper moving sheets from a generous person on craigslist but even those are no guarantee that something won’t get scratched.

Then Dave remembered the box that our elliptical came in.  We move so often that we save all the boxes when we buy something but we sold the elliptical in our moving sale.  After measuring the box and doing a trial fit… we determined that the Art Deco cabinet would fit.   My quilts that are hand-basted and awaiting quilting were used to fill in spaces and add extra cushioning around the cabinet.

She’ll be safe now during the move into storage and then to a new place once that place is determined.


2 Responses to “Sometimes You Have to Think Outside the Box”

  1. Great idea! My Grandparents taught me years (and years) ago about making do with what you have. My Grandfather used to ship grapefruits and oranges up North to friends and relatives. He was always taking apart and putting together boxes to fit his needs.

  2. Sandra :) said

    Imagine the fun you’ll have unpacking her and setting her up when things get settled!

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