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Part 2 of Recovering Lawn Chair Cushions – The Faux Piping

Posted by supermom on February 29, 2012

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Part 2 of Recovering Lawn Chair Cushions  – The Faux Piping



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Recovering Lawn Chair Cushions – Part 1

Posted by supermom on February 27, 2012

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Recovering Lawn Chair Cushions – Part 1

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How to Join Strips of Striped Fabric

Posted by supermom on February 22, 2012

While searching through and organizing my computer photo files, I came across pictures I had taken while joining the striped borders for the flying zebra baby and child-sized quilts.  At the time, I thought maybe others would like to see how I went about sewing the strips of border fabric together on the diagonal while at the same time matching up the stripes, so this is rather long overdue catch up post.

I realize that I could have simply sewn the strips together by placing the strips right sides together and stitching across the end but I prefer the way the diagonal seam makes the seam almost disappear.

And there may be other methods out there for matching up striped fabric, but this is the method I use.

First, I place one strip of border fabric right side down on the ironing board.

Then I fold the upper right corner down to form a point, making sure that the two raw edges of fabric meet as pictured below.

Press well.

Next, with wrong side of the folded and pressed strip to the right side of a second strip of border fabric, I carefully line up the stripes.

Open up the folded strip and pin to the second strip as shown.

Fold the top strip back to make sure that it didn’t shift during the pinning process.

Add more pins if you wish.

Sew along the pressed crease line to join the strips together.

Trim seam allowance.

Press seam open.

Turn the strip over and press again from the right side.

As you can see the seam is almost invisible.

You’re now ready to join more strips, depending on how long you need to make your quilt border.

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How to Make Twice Baked Potatoes

Posted by supermom on February 20, 2012

This is more of a method, rather than a recipe.

First bake the potatoes; how many will depend on how many people you are feeding.

Once the potatoes have cooled enough to handle, hold the potato as pictured and cut off the top.

Scoop the soft center of the potato into a bowl.

The shells will look like this.

Mash the potatoes in the bowl.  To the mashed potatoes add:

1 Egg for every two potatoes

2 tbsp of milk per potato

Finely chopped onions that have been sautéed until translucent.  More onions if you like onions, less if you don’t or leave them out completely

Salt and Pepper

Stir everything together.  If necessary allow this mixture to cool further before adding ¼ c (per potato) of sharp cheddar cheese.

Next fill the shells with the potato mixture, dividing the mixture evenly amongst all the shells.

The filling will more than fill the shells and will form a nice mound over which you can place you toppings.   Sprinkle with paprika.

Top with more grated cheddar cheese, if desired.

Place in microwave for 4 minutes on medium heat or in the oven at 350F for 30 minutes or until heated through.

Here we’ve served the twice baked potato with our recipe for Hawaiian Chicken.

You can also added chopped bacon to the cheddar cheese topping.

However you choose to top them, these will be delicious.

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How to Mend a Torn Sheet

Posted by supermom on February 17, 2012

Last summer, the sheets were on the line when we had one of those pop up thunder storms come through.  We hurried out to rescue the sheets before they got soaked.   They hadn’t had a chance to completely dry, so we decided to hang them over a couple of bedroom doors.

Except… when I was trying to fling the fitted sheet over the door, it didn’t go over far enough, so I gave it a bit of a tug (something I’ve done lots of times before.)  But this time when I did it, I heard that awful sound of ripping fabric.

Just look at that:

I was so upset, because these sheets are only a couple of years old and should have lasted several more years.

Here’s how I went about mending the tear:

First, I needed some matching fabric for the patches, so I used the end of one of the pillowcases that go with this set of sheets.

I turned the pillowcase inside out and then measured and drew a line an inch from the end of the pillowcase.

Then I sewed along that line with my serger to close up the end of the pillowcase and the piece that got cut off became the fabric for the patches.

As the end of the pillowcase was on a fold, I got a strip 2” wide.

I measured the tear to determine what size of patch I needed to cut.

I like to have a good size patch covering any tear in fabric that I’m repairing, so I cut the patches 5 ½” long.

Next I folded and pressed under a ¼” all the way around each 5 ½” X 2” patch.

Then on the wrong side of the sheet, I pinned the first patch in place, making sure to have the tear centered in the patch.

A tip when pinning… think about which direction you’ll be sewing along each side of the patch and place your pins so that the points are away from you.

Once pinned and before starting to sew, it's a good idea to turn the sheet over to make sure that the tear is centered on the patch.

I then machine basted that patch in place.

The sheet was turned to the right side and the second patch was pinned and sewn in place, making sure that I lined up the top patch over the patch on the wrong side of the sheet.

Patching both sides of the sheet may seem like overkill but from past experiences with mending sheets, I’ve found that a single patch doesn’t have the durability of this double patching method.

Case in point… six months later and the repaired sheet is still in use and the patch has remained strong.

Note:  Our sheets were one of the things I packed to bring with us.  It was great to have them when we were in the temporary housing in Ontario at Christmas time.  It helped it to feel a little more like home.  And they will do so again once we’re settled somewhere.


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How to Remove a Vintage Singer Sewing Machine from Its Cabinet

Posted by supermom on February 15, 2012

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How to Remove a Vintage Singer Sewing Machine from Its Cabinet

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Warm, Cozy Bed Socks

Posted by supermom on February 13, 2012

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Warm, Cozy Bed Socks



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Cookies for Two

Posted by supermom on February 10, 2012

Now that it’s just Dave and I at home most of the time, I’ve had to relearn how to cook and bake for two rather than for a family.

Dave loves cookies but a full batch is too much for him to eat before they start to go stale.   I could bake a full batch and then freeze the extras but then we don’t get to have that wonderful aroma of cookies baking.   Besides fresh baked cookies are more fun to eat so what I started to do (before we embarked on this prolonged moving adventure) was freeze the dough instead.

In order to give us a bit of variety, I make a full batch of his favourite chocolate chip cookie dough but before I add the chocolate chips, I divide the dough in half.  To one half, I add 1 c of chocolate chips and to the other half I add 1 c of dried cranberries.

Then I spoon the dough onto cookie sheets.

Because these are going into the freezer the cookies can be placed close together.

The cookie sheets are then put in the freezer until the cookies are frozen solid.

Remove the frozen cookie dough from the sheets.

Place in freezer bags and return to freezer.

When we have a craving for fresh baked cookies, I take out enough to fill one sheet pan.

The frozen cookie dough needs to bake for 2 to 3 minutes longer than indicated in the recipe.

Then we enjoy a yummy fresh baked treat.

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WIP Wednesday – Knitting Socks

Posted by supermom on February 8, 2012

When we moved, all my sewing machines went into storage so I can’t take part in the regular WIP (Work-in-Progress) Wednesday which is only for sewing projects.

I was able to bring my knitting, crochet and embroidery supplies with us, so I thought I’d share what I’m working on this week.

Sunday evening, I cast on the stitches for the first of a pair of knitted spiral tube socks. (clicking on link will take you to the pattern)

It took a bit to get back in the rhythm of knitting in the round, but the first sock is working up quickly and I’ve only got a couple of more inches to complete in pattern before I can start decreasing to form the toe.

For those who might be wondering, the yarn I’m using is the wonderfully soft Bernat Satin.  It’s 100% acrylic worsted weight and is machine washable and dryable.

So far the Canadian winter has been comparatively mild, but should we have a sudden cold snap, it will be great to have a pair of warm, cozy hand knit socks to wear.

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Playing Catch Up

Posted by supermom on February 6, 2012

Now that we’ve stopped traveling for a while, I’ve had a chance to go through some of my photo files and I realized that I had forgotten to post about some of the finished projects that I listed on the “2011- The Year of Getting Things Done” page.

First up, is the redwork tabletopper that I made for my parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary.

I started working on it in January of 2011 and finished towards the end of October.

I embroidered their names and the date of their anniversary in the center circle but have airbrushed that portion of the photo in order to maintain their privacy.

The kit that I used is actually a wall quilt but in thinking about my parent’s home, I couldn’t think of a wall where they would be able to display it, so I turned it into a table topper instead.

Kit details:  Wall Sampler Quilt by Jack Dempsey Needle Art

The quilting that is more visible on the back was done in simple straight line stitches with white thread used on top and gold thread used in the bobbin to match the gold of the dots on the red backing fabric.

Another finish for 2011 was the Christmas ornaments that I make for our children each year.  I purchased the kit a couple of years ago from Bird Brain Designs.

The kit had 6 different primitive angel patterns but by careful placement I was able to trace and embroider 9 angels on the muslin provided.  I did, however, need to use some fabric and batting from my stash to complete the extra three angels.

I saved out these four angels for ourselves.  Our children received one angel each and I kept one for our own tree.

The rest of the angels were given away as gifts.

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