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FNSI Tonight

Posted by supermom on March 16, 2012

Just a quick reminder that tonight is March’s FNSI (Friday Night Sew In) co-hosted by Heidi over at Handmade by Heidi and Bobbi from Crafty Vegas Mom.

There’s still time to sign up… so head on over by clicking here or on the FNSI button in my right side bar.

It’s been a few months since I’ve been able to take part and I still haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to work on, but it will be fun to spend the evening doing a virtual sew-in with all the other ladies who’ve signed up.

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December Friday Night Sew In Results

Posted by supermom on December 17, 2011

Oh my goodness… Friday Night Sew In at Sandra’s last night was sooooooo much fun.  I can’t remember when I’ve laughed so much.  Sandra and Nancy kept me in stitches all night (pun intended.)

It’s amazing that we managed to get any sewing done.

But before we got started, Dave and I sat down with Sandra and her hubby for a yummy supper of chili and coleslaw (I need to get Sandra’s recipe.)  And then for dessert, Sandra had made the most delicious tiramisu laced with Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Nancy arrived a little after 7 and after a few minutes of visiting, we headed downstairs to Sandra’s sewing room.

As all of my fabric and sewing stuff is packed away in storage, Sandra generously allowed me to search through her plastic bins of fabric so that I could make these sweet little house Christmas tree ornaments.  Nancy brought a selection of fabrics too for me to choose from… I used a couple of those to make the roofs.

Aren't those cats in the windows adorable!

Sandra also allowed me to borrow her beautiful Singer 201 sewing machine, Bella to sew them with.  Bella sews like a dream and I’m now thinking it’s a really good thing that we weren’t able to sell the 201-2 sewing machine that came out of the Art Deco cabinet that Dave refinished to house my 15-91.   Once we’re settled somewhere, I may just have to start looking for a cabinet for that 201-2.

The pattern and instructions for the house ornaments can be found in Retro Mama’s post titled Home for the Holidays.

Sandra completed a sweet zippered bag for a neighbour’s child and Nancy finished the most adorable apple and pear pincushions.  (Click on their names to read their FNSI posts.)

And if you’d like to check out what all the other participants worked on last night, be sure to click through the FNSI sign-up list.  That’s what I’m going to be doing off and on throughout today and tomorrow, in between going to pick out a Christmas tree and getting it set up and decorated.

Oh… and that’s not all.   Sandra, Nancy and I had a Christmas gift exchange last night as well.  They both spoiled me far more than I was able to spoil them.  Those gifts deserve a post all their own so be sure to come back tomorrow when I’ll post photos of everything that was hidden inside these gift bags.

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Little Things Making Me Happy

Posted by supermom on December 16, 2011

It’s been two weeks now since we finished packing up everything and put it into storage.

The contents of a 3 bedroom house stacked and packed into a 10X20 climate controlled storage unit.

Since that time, we’ve traveled up to Canada and secured temporary housing to take us through until after Christmas.   What direction our future will take is more than a little uncertain at the moment.  If I concentrate only on the big things facing us, I find myself overwhelmed.

But what I’m also finding is that it’s the little things that are making me happy and providing bright spots to our days.

As all of our Christmas decorations are in storage, I’ve been scouring the local thrift stores for inexpensive decorations to give our little apartment a bit of Christmas spirit.   The other day, while searching the shelves of the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Whitby, ON, hidden on the very bottom shelf, I found something that made my eyes light up and my heart sing.

Now I know that someone else might have passed by this little house and not even taken a second look.  But right away, I recognized it as the treasure it was.

You see, back in the late 90s, Dave and our children gave me two little wooden houses for Christmas.  And every year since, they have been brought out and displayed along with our other Christmas decorations.

The trees were later additions and the little snow hill was a gift from one of our children.   But we’ve never been able to find any of the matching houses to expand our little village; until now.

Today it is helping to make our temporary home a little more festive.  But next year, it will become part of our little Christmas village and that thought makes me smile.

Something else that is making me smile… tonight, not only will I be joining the virtual Friday Night Sew In hosted by Heidi and Bobbi but I’m going to be taking part in a real life sew-in with Sandra and Nancy at Sandra’s house.   Now how fun is that!

If you haven’t signed for the second of December’s FNSIs… it’s not too late.  Just click on the button on my right sidebar or go here.

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Laurel Burch Pillow Cover

Posted by supermom on November 22, 2011

Just a quick post today to share photos of the pillow cover I made from Laurel Burch’s Holiday Celebrations fabric that I mentioned in my FNSI Results post.

This is the front…

It’s difficult to tell from the photo, but I straight-line quilted with gold thread in the gold lines that frame each image.

The fabric I used for the back was so pretty that I didn’t want to cut into it to insert a concealed zipper in the back, so I left it whole and inserted the zipper in the bottom of the pillow cover.

The pillow didn’t make it into the mail yesterday as we had a bit of craziness here, but it was mailed out today.  I hope Lady L likes her surprize.

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November FNSI Results – A Most Successful Evening

Posted by supermom on November 19, 2011

I am so pleased with the results of last night’s Friday Night Sew In.  I was able to complete both Christmas stockings and on Monday they’ll be mailed off to Lyanna over at Purple Panda Quilts for her Stocking Drive to provide a handmade stocking to each of the foster children served by the agency she works for.

After finishing the stockings, I even had time to cut out and baste the front of this Christmas pillow cover.

When we were down in Panama City, I (of course) had to check out the local quilt shop, Quilting by the Bay.  They had some of Laurel Burch’s new line, Holiday Celebrations.  I missed out on buying Celestial Dreams when it was available and I didn’t want to miss out again so I decided I’d treat myself to just one panel.

When Dave and I arrived back later in the day at our hosts’ place, I showed the lovely Lady L my little splurge.   She mentioned that she’d love to have a Christmas pillow made out of that fabric.

So the next day, before we left to come home, we stopped back at Quilting by the Bay and I picked up another panel plus a yard of the co-ordinating birds on black background print so that I could surprize her with a little gift to thank her and her husband for keeping us in their thoughts and prayers this past year. (I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t read my blog so the pillow will indeed be a surprize.)

I plan on doing straight line quilting around the borders of each image.   I’m hoping to have the pillow cover finished later today so that it can be mailed out on Monday as well.

For now, I’m off to check out the blogs of the other participants to see what they worked on last night.

But before I go, I’d like to mention that starting November 28th, I’ll be holding a giveaway for the Christmas stocking pictured below as part of the 2011 Stocking Giveaway (button on my sidebar) being hosted by Robin at RSIslandscrafts.

I’ve slowly been adding small gifts to the stocking; some handmade and some purchased.  So be sure to come back and enter to win.  The winner will be drawn on December 5th.

I realize that at this busy time of year it might be difficult to remember to return to enter a giveaway at the end of the month.   If you would like a reminder simply sign up to follow my blog via email.  The sign-up box is in the upper corner of the left side bar.  You’ll receive a notice each time I make a post.

In addition to the 2011 Stocking Giveaway, upcoming posts you might be interested in include:  November’s Christmas on a Budget post, a QAYG (Quilt-as-You-Go) Christmas Stocking Tutorial and two great make and freeze ahead breakfast how-tos:  How to Make Breakfast Burritos and How to Make Homemade Breakfast “McSandwiches.”

*Note:  All stockings pictured measure 19 inches from top to toe and 11 inches at their widest.

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Gifts Mailed Off and FNSI

Posted by supermom on November 18, 2011

The first of the Christmas gifts have been wrapped and mailed off.

We always sends books to Dave’s grandchildren for Christmas and birthdays as we’re quite sure they receive loads of toys from their parents and other two sets of grandparents.    It is our plan to become known as the Book Grandparents as we hope to foster in them the love of reading and the appreciation of the adventure, knowledge and pure enjoyment that can be found between the pages of a book.

As well, the gift for my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary has finally made it into the mail.  I had been searching for a really pretty gift box to wrap it in… but I wasn’t able to find any locally that were the right size or that didn’t have a Christmas theme.  In the end, I ended up making one by taking apart a larger one and cutting it down to the size I wanted.

That completes the mailing of gifts.  The rest of the gifts will be hand delivered or they’ll open them with us on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

Now I just need to get started on writing the Christmas cards so that they can be mailed out before we move at the end of the month.

In other news… Heidi has the sign-up post up for this month’s Friday Night Sew In, so hurry over and sign up to join the rest of us who’ll be busy sewing and crafting tonight.  Just click on the FNSI link in my sidebar and it will take you to Heidi’s blog.

I’ll be working on completing a couple of Christmas stockings that I promised to donate.  They need to be completed this weekend so that they can get to their destination by the 1st of December.  I’ll be posting photos tomorrow of the completed stockings, as well as trying to visit as many of the participants’ blogs as I can… though I might not make it to as many this month as we’re having a moving sale tomorrow.

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October FNSI Results – Two Table Runners

Posted by supermom on October 22, 2011

I call this my version of the 10-minute table runner.

First, because I defy anyone to cut panels from two different fabrics, pin and sew those panels together, press the seams either open or to one side, turn right side out and press again; centering the narrower fabric over the wider fabric, pin and sew the ends, press that seam open, turn the end to form the point and then either sew that in place or sew on a button at each end to keep the point in place.  And do it all in 10 minutes.

Even if you subtract the time it takes to cut the fabric… it would still take longer than 10 minutes.  My version takes approximately one hour from the time I start sewing until the final pressing.

The second reason I call this my version is that most instructions for the 10-minute table runner say to cut the fabric panels width of fabric which results in a finished length of at most 42 inches depending on the width of fabric used. (52 inches if you can find 54-55 inch wide fabric in the print of your choice.)   My dining table is 60 inches without the leaf in place.  With the leaf in place it is 72 inches.  I like my table runners to at least cover the full length of the table but my preference is to have a bit hanging over on each end.

One solution would be to cut 2 panels of each fabric, sew them together and then cut them to the length wanted.  But then you have the added steps of matching the print and sewing them together and then making sure those seams match when you sew the panels together.

What I do instead, is buy two lengths of coordinating fabric a bit longer than I want my table runner to be and then measure and cut the fabric panels down the length of the fabric.  I buy a little more fabric than I need to allow for wonky cutting at the fabric store and for shrinkage when I pre-wash the fabric.

When I’m cutting, I cut one large panel and one small panel from each fabric.  This way, I end up with two coordinating table runners but with the feature fabric reversed.

Pictured below are the 2 one hour table runners (that’s one hour each) I made last night during Friday Night Sew In.

They're almost as pretty with the backs facing up.

Dave and I took pictures as I went along, so I hope to have a tutorial ready to post along with this month’s Christmas On A Budget post on the 25th.

Now, I’m off to check out what projects the other Friday Night Sew In participants worked on.


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Plans for October’s Friday Night Sew In

Posted by supermom on October 21, 2011

Tonight is Friday Night Sew In; the monthly virtual sewing bee co-hosted by Heidi from Handmade by Heidi and Bobbi over at Crafty Vegas Mom.

For last month’s sew in I had planned to work on my version of the 10 minute table runner but by the time I got done figuring out how to sew this little purse onto it’s frame, I’d had enough sewing for that particular night.

I’ve been super busy working on secret 50th Wedding Anniversary, Christmas and birthday gifts that can’t be shown on my blog until after the gifting takes place.

Since a FNSI where I couldn’t share pictures of what I worked on wouldn’t be as much fun, I’m taking a break tonight from gift making and will instead work on getting a couple of those table runners finished using these fabrics that I showed you in September.

If you haven’t signed up for this month’s Friday Night Sew In, you can still do so.   Bobbi is hosting the sign-ups on her blog this time round and has mentioned that she will be giving away a really cool prize to a lucky FNSI participant.

I always enjoy taking time on Saturday and Sunday to visit as many of the FNSI blogs as I can.  I hope I’ll be visiting yours.

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FNSI Results – The Plan Changed

Posted by supermom on September 17, 2011

I didn’t get the table runners done, but I did manage to get the little clutch purse finished.

Earlier in the week, when I was cutting out the pattern pieces for the purse so that they’d be ready for Friday night, I decided I should take some scrap fabric and make a test of the pattern.  Good thing I did because there were a couple of easily fixed errors but ones that you wouldn’t want to happen if you were cutting into your good fabric.

Once I’d finished the tester, I figured why waste it as it would work for a lining and so I found some more scraps leftover from making a gift bag and made the outside of the purse.  I was quite pleased with how the fabric part of the purse turned out.

I fussy cut the fabric so that the dragonfly would be in the center.

I can picture all sorts of these little clutch purses with fussy cut fronts and different combinations of fabric for the front and sides.

I only had one of the clutch purse frames and I wanted to save that as I had purchased it to go with the blue ladybug fabric.  But having almost completed one purse, I figured putting the one together last night would be a breeze.   I mean, all I had to do was make another fabric purse and sew it to the frame.   What could be so hard about that, right?

And the fabric part of the purse did go together fairly easily.  The taffeta that I used for the lining is less forgiving than cotton in that it’s slipperier and as you remove the pins when sewing, it can shift a bit.

Some unpicking action had to take place to remove a pucker in the bottom curve of the lining but other than that it was pretty smooth sewing.

Then it was time to sew the purse to the frame.  Yeah… that’s where things got tricky.

The curse curve of the purse (yes there were words spoken) doesn’t match the curve of the frame.   The top part of the purse does fit in the frame but getting it to stay there while at the same time trying to sew it in… that’s the tricky part.  And it took me a few tries to figure that part out.  Did I mention that there were words spoken?

Here’s my solution:

I counted the number of holes in the purse frame.  There were 28.  So I positioned the center of the purse between the 14th and 15th holes and placed a pin in each.  Then I went to each side and pinned those in place.  Next I worked my way towards the center; pushing the purse into the frame and pinning.

Beginning at one side, I sewed in one hole, out the next all the way across (a running stitch), removing pins as I went.  Once I reached the other side, I worked my way back across to fill in the stitches.

Then I repeated those steps for the other half of the purse and frame.  Finished, the little purse looks like this:

To attach the purse to the frame, I used #5 Perle Cotton in a colour to match the frame.

As mentioned above, I used a blue taffeta to line the purse.

I like the contrast between the cotton and the taffeta; a touch of elegance to add to the fun and cuteness of the ladybug print.

By the time I finished sewing the frame to the purse; I’d pretty much had all the sewing I wanted for the evening so I called it a night.

I’ll work on the table runners over the weekend.  Now I’m off to see what everyone else worked on last night.



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FNSI – The Plan

Posted by supermom on September 16, 2011

I have all the pieces cut out to make the little clutch purse that I picked up the frame for when Sandra, Nancy and I went shopping at Quilt-A-Bag when I was up in Canada.

The ladies at the shop included a free pattern with the purchase of the frame.

And after I’ve finished that, I’m going to be turning these two fabrics into a longer version of the 10 minute table runner.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I get to go see what everyone else has been working on.  For now, I’m off to sew!

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