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Dreaming Of Maui

Posted by supermom on March 11, 2012

As we are once again on the road heading towards our next adventure, I am dreaming of the time when we will return to home of our hearts and I thought I’d share this video of an amazing singer that I just discovered on youtube.

I hope that some recording company discovers him and offers him a contract.  I would certainly buy his music.


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Wordless Wednesday

Posted by supermom on March 7, 2012

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A Beaver and a Moose

Posted by supermom on January 30, 2012

Over the past two months, we’ve traveled up from Georgia to southern Ontario where we stayed for four weeks to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve with our children.   Shortly after the New Year, we set out east on the TransCanada Highway to Nova Scotia, back to Ontario for another week and then took the TransCanada West across the northern edge of the Great Lakes, through Manitoba to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where we switched to the Yellowhead Highway which brought us to my parent’s home in Alberta.

We took the camera with us everywhere we went.

Do we have pictures of the ice flowing from the sheer rock faces where the path for the TransCanada has been carved out of the Great Canadian Shield?  No.

Do we have pictures of the spectacular views of Lake Superior that would appear suddenly as we rounded a bend in the highway or topped the crest of a hill?  No.

Neither are there pictures of the vast expanse of open, snow dusted land as we crossed the prairies.

We traveled over 5100 miles and we have only one picture to show for it.

On the way to Nova Scotia to visit my husband’s family, we stayed overnight at a small motel just outside Oromocto, New Brunswick.  Before getting on the road the next day, we stopped for gas across the road and despite the -14 C temperature we had to take this picture.

It simply shouts… Canadian!

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