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Canadian Quilt of Valour Blocks

Posted by supermom on May 2, 2011

Dave was in the Canadian Army for 25 years before he retired in August of 2000 to take a job on Maui and thus ended our Army adventure and began our living in the USA adventure.

Those 25 years were good years, but I won’t lie and say they were easy years.  Dave did two NATO tours, one peacemaking (to Kosovo) and one peacekeeping (to Bosnia.)  I could have lost him on either of those tours or he could have come home physically wounded.  There were and remain wounds not physical in nature.

So in March, when Cara from Cara Quilts put out the call for Canadian Quilt of Valour Blocks, I knew I had to answer that call.

Following the directions she provided, I made two maple leaf with stems, one maple leaf without stem and one background block.

I stuggled a bit with those points on the half-square triangles on the maple leaf with stem blocks not being perfect.  So I e-mailed some close-up photos to Cara asking if they’d be alright.  She sent back that they were fine, so I mailed the blocks off last Friday and she should have them soon to add to the other blocks that have already arrived.

There is a saying amongst military wives… “We also serve, who stand and wait.”

I was proud to be able to serve again by making some quilt blocks.

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