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Allowable Fabric Purchases

Posted by supermom on April 18, 2011

We just got back from a whirlwind five day trip up to Canada and back to pick up our youngest from college.  He’s home to stay for the summer!

It’s a good 15 to 16 hour drive each way and even just a few years ago, we would have driven straight through.  But now we divide the trip into two days; usually 10 hours the first day and then the rest on the second day.   This time, I also decided that we needed to take a break halfway through the first day.  And what better way to take a break than to check out a quilt shop or two along the way.

I got to browse through fabric and Dave got to put the seat back in the car and just relax for however long I was browsing.

On the way up we stopped at The Quilt Box located a few miles off Exit 159 in Dry Ridge, Kentucky.  When I started researching quilt shops that would be along our route, I’d read a glowing review of The Quilt Box and was really looking forward to checking it out.

I was not disappointed.

There were beautiful quilts in all different sizes displayed everywhere you looked.  Bolts and bolts of fabric and quilt patterns downstairs.  And then upstairs… more quilts, a small clearance section and batting.   I probably could have spent the entire afternoon there just going from section to section.

Now if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know from my previous posts here and here, that I’ve not been terribly successful in my attempt to destash in preparation for our possible upcoming move.   And once you read on, you may think I’ve failed again, but I’ve decided that these are all allowable purchases because most of them were bought either as fabric gifts or to make gifts with or to add to other fabrics that I’ve been collecting with specific projects in mind.   Most will to be used in the near future and won’t be added to my stash, except as scraps.

Skinny quarters of Oasis by 3 Sisters (left) & Buttercup by Fig Tree & Co (right). The green at the bottom of both piles is Deco Demure by Laura Berringer for Marcus Fabrics chosen because I thought it co-ordinated well with the others.

For example, I had those 1/4 yard pieces by Fig Tree & Co cut partly as a gift and partly with a specific project in mind.

The true blue fabric was purchased because the colour is a perfect match for the bluework snowman I embroidered and pictured in this post.   Now it can be made into a gift bag.  The dove fabric and flower fabric will be making appearances in gifts I have planned, not to mention, they were on clearance.

For the trip back home, half way the first day brings us to the Cleveland area.  When I googled quilt shops in and around Cleveland, I came across Abigayle’s Quiltery, just a few miles off I-71.   Abigayle’s too has bolts and bolts of fabric to browse through though perhaps not the 5000+ bolts advertised on their website.   And not nearly as many quilts on display as The Quilt Box.  They do however have an entire room of clearance fabric; some on bolts but most cut in 1, ½ and ¼ yard pieces.

The four fabrics on the right are 1 yard cuts from their clearance room.   These will be made into gifts.  The yellow butterfly fabric is a half yard piece I had cut to add to the fabric I’m collecting to make a Bug Jar Quilt.

Both stops were fun little detours to break up that long first day drive.   We will definitely be stopping back into The Quilt Box on our next trip up to Canada.  And I plan on checking out other quilt shops whenever we make a long trip somewhere because in stopping into those two shops, not only did I find some great fabrics I also discovered something else.

And that discovery is that I think if I’m not careful, I could quite easily become a quilt shop fabric snob.

All the fabrics I browsed through including those I bought have a completely different weight and feel to them than most of the fabrics I’ve been buying from the chain fabric stores.  The differences in some cases are quite subtle but still clearly discernable.   Add to that the personal attention that you receive when shopping in a quilt shop as opposed to the chain stores and it is perhaps a very good thing that we don’t make long trips very often and that the closest quilt shops to where we live are in Atlanta and not even the lure of a quilt shop could entice me to drive in Atlanta.


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How to Hide Your Fabric Stash

Posted by supermom on May 1, 2008

This week Amandajean over at crazy mom quilts has posted the first block of her latest quilt-a-long. Even though I haven’t finished the last quilt-a-long, I’ve decided to take part in this one. For a pic of my completed blocks from the previous quilt-a-long, check my post What do Writers Do When They’re Not Writing? (I’ve actually turned what was going to be that quilt top into three smaller projects. I’ll post photos of those soon.)

I haven’t had a chance to complete this week’s block but if you’re visiting through the link in Amandajean’s side-bar, I thought I’d share this bit of fabric humour.

Fortunately I’ve never had to employ any of the suggestions below because Dave knew going into our marriage that sewing and fabric were a part of my life. After all, I sewed my wedding dress. He’s never complained about my passion for all things fabric. In fact several years ago, he built shelves for me on which to stack my dozen or so file boxes filled with fabric. However, if you have more fabric than will fit in a dozen file boxes, you may find this list useful.


How to Hide Your Fabric Stash

1.  Fold it larger and put it evenly under the mattress – you can get a hundred yards under there! There’s no chance the hubby will find it – how often does he make the bed?

2.  You can also fold some and put is under each chair and sofa cushion.

3.  Hang the yardage on a coat hanger, then cover it with a piece of clothing – hence, 100 coat hangers/100 yds of fabric. (3 closet = 300 yards)

4.  Get a large trash can, remove the cover and have someone cut a round piece of plywood out for you. Put stash in trash can, put on wooden cover, place a pretty 70″ round tablecloth (or sew two 2 yard pieces together lengthwise and “pretend” its a tablecloth) on it – a beautiful lamp on top and who’s to know it’s full of fabric? (A good way to hide the ironing too)

5.  If you have a space under the bed, buy some of the underbed storage containers and fill them.

Now when you’ve bought more fabric than you can store in these five ways, you just aren’t sewing enough!

But remember, if you have 3 or 4 bedrooms, with a closet and covered trash can table in each one and replace the living room end tables with one, that is a LOT of fabric hidden.

Now get the teakettle on and invite your friends and let them see your neat house.

*Note: A local quilt shop had this printed up and sitting on the cutting table as give aways. No author was listed, but if you know the original author please let me know so that I can add her by-line.

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