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December Friday Night Sew In Results

Posted by supermom on December 17, 2011

Oh my goodness… Friday Night Sew In at Sandra’s last night was sooooooo much fun.  I can’t remember when I’ve laughed so much.  Sandra and Nancy kept me in stitches all night (pun intended.)

It’s amazing that we managed to get any sewing done.

But before we got started, Dave and I sat down with Sandra and her hubby for a yummy supper of chili and coleslaw (I need to get Sandra’s recipe.)  And then for dessert, Sandra had made the most delicious tiramisu laced with Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Nancy arrived a little after 7 and after a few minutes of visiting, we headed downstairs to Sandra’s sewing room.

As all of my fabric and sewing stuff is packed away in storage, Sandra generously allowed me to search through her plastic bins of fabric so that I could make these sweet little house Christmas tree ornaments.  Nancy brought a selection of fabrics too for me to choose from… I used a couple of those to make the roofs.

Aren't those cats in the windows adorable!

Sandra also allowed me to borrow her beautiful Singer 201 sewing machine, Bella to sew them with.  Bella sews like a dream and I’m now thinking it’s a really good thing that we weren’t able to sell the 201-2 sewing machine that came out of the Art Deco cabinet that Dave refinished to house my 15-91.   Once we’re settled somewhere, I may just have to start looking for a cabinet for that 201-2.

The pattern and instructions for the house ornaments can be found in Retro Mama’s post titled Home for the Holidays.

Sandra completed a sweet zippered bag for a neighbour’s child and Nancy finished the most adorable apple and pear pincushions.  (Click on their names to read their FNSI posts.)

And if you’d like to check out what all the other participants worked on last night, be sure to click through the FNSI sign-up list.  That’s what I’m going to be doing off and on throughout today and tomorrow, in between going to pick out a Christmas tree and getting it set up and decorated.

Oh… and that’s not all.   Sandra, Nancy and I had a Christmas gift exchange last night as well.  They both spoiled me far more than I was able to spoil them.  Those gifts deserve a post all their own so be sure to come back tomorrow when I’ll post photos of everything that was hidden inside these gift bags.


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October FNSI Results – Two Table Runners

Posted by supermom on October 22, 2011

I call this my version of the 10-minute table runner.

First, because I defy anyone to cut panels from two different fabrics, pin and sew those panels together, press the seams either open or to one side, turn right side out and press again; centering the narrower fabric over the wider fabric, pin and sew the ends, press that seam open, turn the end to form the point and then either sew that in place or sew on a button at each end to keep the point in place.  And do it all in 10 minutes.

Even if you subtract the time it takes to cut the fabric… it would still take longer than 10 minutes.  My version takes approximately one hour from the time I start sewing until the final pressing.

The second reason I call this my version is that most instructions for the 10-minute table runner say to cut the fabric panels width of fabric which results in a finished length of at most 42 inches depending on the width of fabric used. (52 inches if you can find 54-55 inch wide fabric in the print of your choice.)   My dining table is 60 inches without the leaf in place.  With the leaf in place it is 72 inches.  I like my table runners to at least cover the full length of the table but my preference is to have a bit hanging over on each end.

One solution would be to cut 2 panels of each fabric, sew them together and then cut them to the length wanted.  But then you have the added steps of matching the print and sewing them together and then making sure those seams match when you sew the panels together.

What I do instead, is buy two lengths of coordinating fabric a bit longer than I want my table runner to be and then measure and cut the fabric panels down the length of the fabric.  I buy a little more fabric than I need to allow for wonky cutting at the fabric store and for shrinkage when I pre-wash the fabric.

When I’m cutting, I cut one large panel and one small panel from each fabric.  This way, I end up with two coordinating table runners but with the feature fabric reversed.

Pictured below are the 2 one hour table runners (that’s one hour each) I made last night during Friday Night Sew In.

They're almost as pretty with the backs facing up.

Dave and I took pictures as I went along, so I hope to have a tutorial ready to post along with this month’s Christmas On A Budget post on the 25th.

Now, I’m off to check out what projects the other Friday Night Sew In participants worked on.


This post has been added to Sew Darn Crafty… Week 37 over at Sew Many Ways.

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