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We’re Ready for the Trick or Treaters

Posted by supermom on October 31, 2011

I wasn’t going to do Halloween this year.   I didn’t last year.

Well, except for giving out candy.   It’s always fun to see the little ones and not so little ones dressed up carrying their trick or treat bags.

But this year, like last, I didn’t feel like decorating the house.  It’s not as much fun with our son off at college and not home to help put up the decorations and to carve pumpkins with.

When our girls left home to attend university six years ago, it was a huge adjustment for sure.  But our daily routine remained much the same since we still had our son in school.   Then our son went off to college last fall and there just didn’t seem to be much point in decorating for Halloween.

Then this morning when I woke up, I realized I hadn’t bought the Halloween candy, so on the way back from dropping our car off for an oil change, we stopped to pick up the candy.

Once back home, I got to thinking that it wouldn’t hurt put out the pumpkins that we use to line the driveway.

There are no street lights in our end of the subdivision so I put candles inside the pumpkins to light the way to the front door.

And since we had the box of Halloween decorations down…

It didn’t take long for Dave to hang the crashing witch.

Or to stretch the lights over the holly bushes.

Window clings are quick and easy to put up.

The candy is ready in bowls by the door.

Bring on the trick or treaters!


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