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Squishies in the Mail

Posted by supermom on August 14, 2011

Back in the middle of May, Sandra over at Sandra Sews : )  posted a photo of some wine totes which she’d made using the coolest, most appropriate fabric for a wine tote.

I commented asking, “Where on earth did you find that wine cork fabric? And how perfect for a wine tote bag.”

Along comes the middle of June and what should arrive in my mail box but this small package.

And what should be inside, but some scraps she had leftover of that same wine cork fabric.   I was so touched that she’d thought to send them to me.

I didn’t post about it at the time, because I had this idea that I wanted to show everyone what I made with the scraps.  It seemed to take me forever to get this simple project done as it kept getting set aside while I worked on other projects.  Finally though, here it is:

There’s just enough room in this wine tote to fit two bottles of wine so that they don’t clang against each other but not so snuggly that they are difficult to take out.  I also made two matching wine bottle coasters to use with chilled wine so that the condensation from the bottles doesn’t cause white water mark rings on the table.

I have a couple of small scraps left of the wine cork fabric and I’m going to use those when I make up sets of wine glass coasters that slip onto the bottom of the glass.  Each cozy in the set will be different making it easy to identify whose glass of wine is whose when you’re having a party.

And that’s not all.  Recently, in this post, I mentioned that I was collecting fabrics for a bug jar quilt and Sandra offered to send me some that she had leftover from making a baby quilt.   So I knew that there’d be another squishy coming in the mail.

Even so, I was in for a sweet surprise.  She’d “wrapped” the bug fabric in one of her gorgeous zippered bags.

But wait… it’s not just a regular zippered bag…

It’s a panty zippered bag.  Isn’t that the most fun ever!

At the end of June, Sandra had posted a picture of a panty zippered bag and I commented that I always loved the bags she sewed but I had to say that the panty bag was just too much fun.  How sweet it was of her to remember that and to make and gift me with one.  I adore the fabric that she used.

Thank you, Sandra… not just for the fabric and the panty zippered bag (which makes me smile every time I look at it) but also for the hand of friendship that you’ve extended across the miles through your comments here on my blog and through our e-mails back and forth.

I can’t wait to meet both you and Nancy on our next trip up to Canada.


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