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How to Darn a Sock

Posted by supermom on January 9, 2009

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How to Darn a Sock





5 Responses to “How to Darn a Sock”

  1. AmyG said

    I never thought of a lightbullb…that’s reallly handy for holding the fabric still! I’ll try it tonight on Hubby’s socks waiting in my mending basket!

  2. julie said

    Thanks for visiting me! I’m trying to get together ideas for next year also. I was sewing up till a couple of days before.
    Just like you I made a puppet theater. My olders made the puppets. You can see them if you scroll down a couple of entries. Actually come to think of it, I remember looking at your puppets when I needed some ideas. Small world!

  3. I have to admit that I have never tried this. I just assumed it would be uncomfortable to walk on if I did something like this. The lighbulb idea is great!

  4. katmaxx said

    My great-grandma had a wooden egg in her sewwing basket for darning. I bet a plastic easter egg would work too and not be breakable.

  5. […] Here's something you can try.Find the right colored thread and take your time. There was another site I saw recently but didn't b'mark that shows in detail how it's done. I'll try to find it. How to Darn a Sock Super Mom – No Cape! […]

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